Monday, December 24, 2007

Mourning the loss of Football Season

I did not realize how much football season entertains me. HA! Sure the bowl games are starting, but I really only care about Michigan (although I am looking forward to watching the Hawaii vs Georgia game, as well as LSU vs OSU) but the bantering and camaraderie of the fans is very entertaining and that has all but disappeared. My sons like pro ball (and I tolerate it) so we have had some good conversations regarding the new style of football that Michigan is going to be seeing with the new coach. His offense is the opposite of what Michigan has ever played and he is also bringing new concepts for the defense. I have such a desire to discuss this and no one wants to play with me :o( Such is life.

I need to get this house picked up and make some pies. Once I have that under control then I will head over to where my son works and hope to find the remaining two gifts that I need to purchase. This afternoon is my family gathering. My brother is a HUGE Michigan fan so that should be some fun. He also has a pool table, so we have fun playing pool. Our family is large enough that it is impossible to buy gifts for everyone,so we do a gift exchange in "white elephant" fashion. Everyone brings a gift that has a value of $20 and then we fight over them all. It is rather fun. Two of my three kids will be there this year, the first time in nearly 10 years that this will occur since they are typically in Mexico on Christmas day. (they will leave on the 27th this year) I also get to spend Christmas morning with them, which will be fun, since I have not had that in almost never. For some reason I always let them be with their father on Christmas morning! I did manage to squeak out a few gifts for them, seeing that I am a very poor grad student, that was difficult, but I really wanted to have gifts for them on Christmas morning.

I think I may be coming down with a cold (I really hope not) Hopefully it is just a crashing from the stressful term. There is so much I want to do, so I really would enjoy a bit of energy. I also think I have a lingering sadness about my friend that doesn't help the situation. Anyway........maybe if I MOVE the energy will come. I know I will feel better once I get this place picked up!

Tomorrow I will be at my mother's for Christmas dinner. I am fairly sure that my brothers are all spending it with their wives families, so it is good that I will be with my mother. My kids will be around as well. I will pop on tomorrow to say Merry Christmas though! Peace.

[ed. note : Jo just got out of the shower and asked me to go get him some cough drops, he is sick, so maybe I really am coming down with something.....crap!]


Joe said...

Yeah, I am hating the end of college football too. It always goes by way to fast!

Sounds like you have a busy Christmas planned!

Merry Christmas to you and hope you don't get sick!

Katie said...

Thanks Joe, Merry Christmas to you and your family! I am sure with small children you are up early this morning!