Friday, December 28, 2007


This has officially become my home. It was such a relief to arrive. The weather became truly nasty and what is typically a 2 hour drive became a 3.5 hour drive. I lost count of the accidents and vehicles off the road, just about every mile there was one or the other. One accident involved at least 3 semi trucks, I-94 West from Jackson out about 10 miles was a parking lot, people were actually out of their cars standing around. (due to the semi truck accident up the road) Thankfully no traffic stopping accidents coming east, so I just had the snow and ice to deal with. (which was quite enough) I need to get the game turned on here and start the unpacking process. I managed to drag it all up the stairs, now it sits staring at me.....I sure hope I have some food in the house, I do not want to go back out in this crappy weather. I forgot to have them hold my mail, so after trying to cram it in to my box (which most of my mail is ripped to shreds because of it) they took the whole lot and threw it in front of my door. Nice. I did peruse through it briefly and noticed a card from Coach Carr. I had written to him after his retirement and he sent me a very nice card, so that was nice to receive. to find out if I have food, and start unpacking.........all while listening to the game (if I get it! Crap, I am going to miss my boys football package on their dish service! )



ellen said...

Boy oh boy, am I a happy camper that we came that way YESTERDAY!!! We were on our way home from PA and traveled 94 W. Whew!
Glad you made it home in one piece.

Katie said...

Oh yes Ellen, going West on I94 today would have been pure torture! I am so glad you are home safe and missed the weather today! How did the sale of the house go? Did you get some closure on things? You were in my thoughts!