Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Good News!

Ok, so I was asked to re-write a paper. This morning I had to meet with that prof to review what her expectations were. As I shared below, that went fairly well for me. Just a few minutes ago, she called me to say that she reviewed my grades and after our discussion, she no longer feels that I need to re-write the paper. WOOT!!!!!!! This is the paper that was going to loom over me for the rest of December. I am writing 2 papers this weekend and by Monday morning....I get to officially, fully, 100% be on break from school for 3 weeks! YES! WOOT! Ok, back to the paper...LOL Peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey its Big what are you doing friday? I am off work.

Katie said...

I am writing a paper that is due by midnight. I can get it done early!! What do you have in mind?