Friday, November 02, 2007


I am feeling slightly better, at least not on the edge right now, still a fluttery feeling in my chest and stomach. LUSH WOULD help as would a strong margarita, neither of which is possible at the moment. I do have another thought of what could be the cause:

I had class all day and since parking is non-existent on campus, I parked in the parking garage downtown and walked. On the way, I ran into two homeless beggers. No biggie, I have run into them before, however, one of them was a female and she was touching me, asking me for money and I said "no, not today, sorry" when she grabbed my necklace (I had a silver chain with a silver circle on it) and was about to rip it off me. My immediate reaction was to take her hand off me and push her away. All of this of course as I was walking. I was surprised by this and actually felt slightly violated, but I thought I just blew it off. That really is when I started having an anxious feeling. (The roomie had her phone conversation on the way) It started small, and lingered all day until towards the end of class when I was just wanting to get the hell out of there. I wonder if that psychologically affected me more than I thought it did. Or possibly that added to the roomie thing. Or maybe I am just a psychotic freak.....who knows.....I just hope I feel better tomorrow........and get my homework in the can in time to have a good margarita while I watch the game ;o)

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ellen said...

Ok, you didn't elaborate on the roomie's conversation and her idea of just how this living situation is working but - I gotta tell ya, I had a weird feeling when you first talked about her moving in and how you were going to let the rent go until she found a job.
Sounds like it's time to clear the air and then, I'll betcha, your anxiety will go away.
Also - you need to call the cops about the homeless woman touching you. Asking for $$$ is just a relection on our times but there should never, ever be touching.