Saturday, November 17, 2007


Really. Sad. That was the worst game they have played. Holy Cow. On top of Michigan forgetting to even show up for the game (the offense anyway, the defense actually had a decent game) I had this little brat sitting in front of me who decided that my legs were a nice back rest and when he wasn't leaning back to rest on my legs, he was elbowing my shins.....I was so annoyed. I would MOVE my legs and he would lean back farther!!! Seriously annoying, on top of my seriously annoyed demeanor because of all of the things that I thought could happen today, the offense playing like a pack of high school kids was not one of the options I had dreamed up. I can't believe that I am even saying this, but they should have left Mallett in, he was doing better than Henne. Anyway....its over.......and now it shall be interesting to see how the entire season ends up. Some crappy bowl, if we are lucky and God help us, a new coach. Go Blue!


UTfan said...

I have been keeping up with the posts on The M Zone and find that I don't have much to add to what you and others have already said. I watched every play on ABC yesterday and your analysis of the game is succinct and correct. I'm just sorry that you had to risk contracting pneumonia. The weather looked AWFUL on television and from what you say it had to be difficult to endure.

I will say one thing about the coverage from ABC. They had many shots of the crowd during the game (yes, I looked but I couldn't spot you :) ) What I didn't like seeing were the shots at the end of the game that ABC took of UM fans who were taking the loss particularly hard. The sight of women openly sobbing was one I could have done without. I realize it is, in the end, just a game and there are many more important things in life but I think ABC didn't really have to go out of their way to show us that.

It will be interesting to see what bowl UM ends up in. As for Carr, I wish him all the best in whatever he does in the future.

Katie said...

Thanks UT, I didn't expect to show up on TV as I don't paint my face Blue and Maize or carry large signs...LOL! It was sad to see them perform so atrociously! Losing isn't as big of a disappointment if they just PLAY well. But to have such a poor performance, really just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I don't expect a good bowl bid, let's just hope it is not the Motor City Bowl, then we could have our last loss be to a MAC team.....oh the joy THAT would be! There is always next year, yes? (ok, we may need a year or two...LOL)