Thursday, November 01, 2007


That is all that I need for this damn paper (which sucks btw). Maybe I will feel better about it after I visit the writing center. At least I have something to take to the writing center! For class tonight we are suppose to take "treats". I think I will stop and purchase something rather than whip something up in the kitchen. Although, I maybe could use the distraction ;o) At any rate, at least this paper is "in the can" (almost) and I can move on to the many other things to read and write that lay in disarray on my dining room table. I seldom feel that I am on top, as soon as I feel "accomplished" I peruse the disarray and realize that there is "oh so much more to do". Just a side note........."it ain't gonna get better folks".......thus is the life of a poor grad student.

Something I have neglected to share here but warrants the stress that has ensued, I took up smoking again. Now of course I must quit again. How is that for a smart chick? Yeah. Agreed. Ignorant.

Aside from the exra weight I have already put on, I now must diet AND quit smoking, oh the joy.

There must be something positive to share with you. Right. Positive. Hmm. My roomate and I are getting along fine. I won at solitaire this morning. It is November. Football season is not over yet. The weather has been gorgeous. My apartment is clean. Ok, I think that might be enough joy, jubilation, glee and euphoria for one morning.

Here is to hoping that you have a euphoric day :o)

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