Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hail to the Victors!

It was slightly ugly, but the senior players on the Michigan team showed once again that they have true heart. The first half showed a strong Michigan defense, the 2nd half MSU came out to win and we seemed to have gone home until the 4th quarter where we basically said "Uh, I don't think so" and took the game back. I love that about this team. They don't quit and after the first two games of the season, they had reason to quit, but they stood tall and didn't flinch at their critics and have shown they have incredible heart.

I have lingerings of the panic however I do believe I have it under conrol. I will be having a conversation with the roomie to clarify everything. I want to be sure that I have my thoughts straight and my approach caring but firm. I find it simply amazing that I have such a talent for getting myself in impossible situations. It is eye opening as well to see just how much of a loner I am. I think this will be valuable learning for me. (in more ways than one)

I finished up the presentations that I am giving this coming week and that feels good. Now I must fill out the applicaiton for CEU's with the state and finish the answer to the Grant. Today I also need to do a 60 slide presentation on a governement report on the quality of Health Care in America today. That should prove to be "oh so fun". I have some time in the morning to finish that as well. In the afternoon I must go to the School of Dentistry for the start of some work on my mouth. I really detest going to the dentist and the thought causes panic to arise in me as well. I am leaning towards heading "back home" tomorrow evening, rather than Tuesday morning. I have work to do and I have two presentations for staff trainings on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. I will return to A2 either Wednesday night or Thursday.

The UofM is offering an interdisciplinary class on death and dying. It is for nurses, social workers and physicians. I have been in contact with the professor over seeing the class and I will probably do two of my presentations for this class. I will likely take the class on my roster as well, to see what exactly they are teaching here at the University, since this is my field of study. The prof requested that I do that, and I figure as long as the work load is light, that shouldn't be a problem. I also have arrangements to meet with a few professors who have interests in my field of study as I am trying to form my program committee. I try to plan ahead with my schedule but there is just so much that I am still working on a day to day basis, with small glimpses of what the next few days hold. If I can impact the training that medical students receive in end of life care, I will feel a huge accomplishment in that alone!

Ok.....back to the 60 slide presentation...................I am hoping that you each are having a relaxing weekend.......peace.

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