Wednesday, November 28, 2007

10 more days......

Can you feel it? It is so close it is nearly going to bite me in the ass! 10 days left of this term. I can not tell you how ecstatic this thought makes me. Of course there is much work to be accomplished between now and then, but for this moment....this one moment, I am going to enjoy this millisecond between assignments and take a deep breath.

The other good news is that by all appearances Ferentz is not the next head coach of Michigan. I suppose it is a possibility.....but it seems less likely now. That would go a long way in easing my mind if that possibility was taken off the table officially. The rumor mill is just going to buzz until the official announcement is made, so I am trying to not get too sucked into that.

A work filled rest of the week and weekend. Next week will be insane as it is the last week of classes (for me, I believe that final exams are the following week, and none of my classes have that, I suppose the final papers and projects are considered final exams in graduate school).....I also have a presentation in the middle of my final week over in that will be an added "OH SHIT" day for me......but all in all, it will come and it will go just as everything else in life and I will once again survive it all. Out of my 4 classes, I will be getting one 4.0, the rest of the classes......not so much. I am likely to get a 3.5 in 2 of the remaining 3 and a possible 3.0 (GOD FORBID) in the remaining class. I am accustomed to 4.0's.....however I will take what I can get this was one hell of a start let me tell you. The fact that my stipend didn't cover me for the entire semester makes this last month a little bit more difficult, but I will put some hours in and make a little cash to pull it all off. I will be more relieved when my funding arrives for the Winter term and I have a plan on how to handle that a little better so that it will last until May.

Here is to hoping you have a spectacular day. Peace.

ps...Scott.....Margaritas soon?

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