Monday, November 26, 2007


Torture and pain is what these papers are for me right now. By this time tomorrow night, these 3 will be done (for better or worse) and I can start focusing on the last 4. To add to my pain and torture the rumor mill is THICK with the thought that Kirk Ferentz from Iowa will be our next head coach. This will make Michigan the laughing stock of America, I kid you not! His team (Iowa, a Big Ten team) just lost to Western Michigan University....(a MAC team, even less than the team we lost to at the beginning of the season) I am sick that this could even potentially be true. I just thought I would share my pain with you, aren't you glad I shared?


UTfan said...

Cheer up, Katie. Look on the bright side. It could be worse. Both Guy Moriss (formerly of Baylor) and Dennis Franchione (formerly of Texas A&M) are available and UM could be talking with them. :o) See, Ferentz isn't so bad after all.

Katie said...

Ohhhh Shutter!! The thing is, for a University that has the opportunity to ALMOST get ANY coach they want...........the thought of going with Ferentz just boggled my mind. It appears that the rumors were just that, rumors.........and I am trying to now remain calm and NOT react until I hear who exactly they have hired. This may save me from ripping all of my hair out until then! Geeeshh!!! Your comparison was could always be worse....LOL! Thanks!

Katie said...

Hmmm....I do believe that I should have written.......Ohhh Shudder....not Shutter....ROFLMAO!!!!

"Yes indeed I am a doctoral student" ;o)