Thursday, November 15, 2007


Holy Cow it just started SNOWING here in A2! It doesn't look as if it will stick though.

The hospital called and I am a match for my father! Yeah! Now I need to do a few things to make this happen, and although I am a match blood wise, there are still many tests that need to be completed. So, again, this is still in the very beginning stages, I am excited to think that I may be able to help my father with this.

The roommate has moved out. My space is mine again. I don't have time to put all of my things back in place, but I will soon enough.

Right now.....I have major homework to worry about!!! I really wish to complete this today so I can enjoy the next 2 days ramping up for THE game of the year.....GO BLUE!!!!! Beat the Bucks!!!!!!!!!!! WWOHHOOO!!!!


UTfan said...

I enjoy reading your comments and posts on The M Zone. Although I am a UT Longhorn fan and I bleed burnt orange, I have relatives in Michigan. I root for UM unless a conflict of interest exists.

I wish UM and their fans the best as they take on the evil empire tomorrow. May the force be with you and GO BLUE!

Katie said...

Hi UT Fan! Thank you for stopping by! I have similar feelings for the Longhorns, great fans and a great program! Unless there is a conflict of interest I always root for you! I also have a few friends who are profs at UT, so that helps me have good wishes for the Longhorns as well.

Isn't the proper cheer for you "hook em"!

And of course....GO BLUE!!!!!

UTfan said...

Yes, UT fans display the "hook 'em" sign at all UT athletic events.

I live in Dallas so I will be watching the game tomorrow afternoon on ABC. When the camera pans the crowd, be sure and wave, Katie. I'm certain that with over 100,000 in attendance in Ann Arbor, I'll be able to spot you easily. :)

Katie said...

I will wave to you and hold up a "hook em sign" as well!

Go Blue!