Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paper Churn

I am about to become a paper churn.....pure focus.......I have many assignments to accomplish, plus a few policies to write......this could get dicey nevertheless, I am up for it.

LSU lost last night. This could be a good thing for Michigan, IF we really want Les Miles as our coach. In losing last night LSU fell out of the top spot and MOST likely will not play for the National Championship on January 7th. This means the regular season will be over for them after next Saturday and Michigan could begin seeking out Les Miles for the coaching job they have open much sooner than waiting until after January 7th. The problem of course is that I am not sure that Les Miles is the man for the job. Many hope that he becomes our next coach. I waiver. He bleeds Blue and Maize and that is attractive to me. I want someone that loves Michigan and that wants to stay here, not use it as a stepping ladder to some other dream job. However, I truly am not sold on him as a coach. It won't be long and we will discover what the future has to hold. to crank up the paper churn......focus, focus, focus!!!

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