Saturday, November 10, 2007

The agony of Defeat

Does it make me a poor sports fan to say that the loss to Wisky is less painful since OSU lost to Illinois?? I am a little ashamed of that fact, but hey, I don't feel as upset, so I guess I will accept it. Seriously people the Michigan Defense stayed home today. They did not show up for the game, plain and simple. That was the worst performance (ok, so the APPY State game was worse and since I didn't get to see the Oregan game, who knows, but I would guess that was ugly too) by our defense this year. Offense was gimpy and I can only guess they are saving Hart and Henne for tOSU next week. (which of course COULD possibly make sense, IF we win next week, but if you ask me that was not a smart move) And, if you want to discuss smart moves, lets talk about 4th and 20 on the FIVE yard line (OUR 5 yard line)......yeah, so they flippin GO for it.........GET REAL.....we turn it over on downs and let them get another TD on the next play........give me a flippin break.....that was simply moronic (probably not a word, but lets add it to the dictionary with a photo of Carr next to it) you have rant about Michigan Football......redemption can be theirs and all can be forgiven if they beat down tOSU next week........I am not holding my breath! (However I WILL be cheering loudly for 4 quarters until the bitter end) GO BLUE!


Little said...

Ok..... now say all that one more time speaking gay.

Katie said...

Hmmm....let's see......Michigan Football lost the game yesterday and Katie was not a happy girl. However, Ohio State also lost and that seemed to ease the pain of Michigan losing just a tad bit. Better? ;o)