Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok, so the panic with the roomate situation has made it difficult to focus, Today I am sitting here working on focusing and BOY OH BOY, I am a wee bit behind on things. I also realized that I had forgotten an assignment that was due on Thursday, SOOOO I emailed the assistant to the prof last night (she collects the assignments and gives them to the prof) and asked if I could send it to her late. She emailed back and said that I could. Whew, one bullet dodged. (I still may lose points for tardiness, but better than a complete zero!) ACK! so little miss catch up will be working like mad today and tomorrow to right the ship so to speak. My father and step mother and another couple that they are friends with are coming to visit me this week. Oh the joy of that! They aren't staying at my apartment though, so hopefully I won't be completely annoyed! (that really sounds awful, sorry). I meet with my prof advisor tomorrow regarding my program plan and I spent yesterday working on that. I am as ready for that meeting as I will ever be. Only 4 weeks left in this term, good gravy I am actually going to survive it! However it is doubtful that I will run the table with all 4.0s, but I will gladly settle for some 3.5's in the mix at this point. Anything less than that might cause me to jump off a cliff (joking).(sort of). HA! Ok......back to the helm, this ship needs a 180 degree turn about.......but it can be done! Peace!

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