Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Suck. I nearly jumped off a cliff last night at the thought of Ferentz becoming our new head coach, and the fact of the matter is, it was all rumor. I really have to laugh at it all......I was pathetic, over what? A football team? Give me a fucking break! (F-bomb for drama, bite me) When one really weighs the importance of all things in life.....just how important is college football? Yeah. My point. So, although I am passionate about it, there are certainly other things in my life that weigh far more important. These are the things that need my attention, far more than a search for a football coach that I have ZERO say in. Seriously, I have no control over it.......it is almost funny when you look at it. Anyway.......I am nearly finished with these 3 papers...........oh the joy. This of course means that I can watch the finals of Dancing with the Stars without my laptop and a pile of books and articles on my lap. Sounds good to me! Peace.
[ed. note: I will have my laptop, to check on rumors of course ;o)]

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