Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some neutral ground

We talked last night and came to a much better understanding. This will be liveable until she leaves. That is the good news.

Today, I get to spend the day at the "U" (The University of Michigan Hospital) with my father, as he attempts to get on the list for a Kidney (he is hoping that I am a match and will give him mine, which of course I would, but we will see about that at antoher time) Then we will go to dinner this evening. I have 2 assignments due yet this week, so I must take some of that with me and tomorrow I need to focus on that.

Friday is a huge pep rally at the Diag on Campus for the Ohio State game it is 3 hours long but it sounds like it would be so fun to experince that. The Diag is "outdoors" by my understanding, so I think an old lady wouldn't be as noticeable at this I am hoping to attend. Of course Saturday I will be at the game and I am very excited about that. I think it is going to be one hell of a game. This is Hart, Henne, and Long's last game at the big house, and if the rumors are true, it also is Carr's last game at the big also will prove to be emotional.

That pretty much fills you in on the latest here. Now I need to get ready, grab a protein bar and go pick up my father.......I am hoping you have a wonderful day!!

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