Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Learn something new every day!

Ok, so I frequent a college football blog. It is fun to talk about football with people who know football. As you might expect most of the readers are of the male species and this blog happens to use what they call "healing pics" of young college girls dressed very scantily. Now, I get that this is a mostly male site and I don't say too much. Today they posted a pic of a girl that was actually nude on top, only an artist had painted a tiger on her upper body. It was a beautiful work of art. The blogger gave credit for the photo to another blog site and the name of that blog site is POON SEC . This site is all pics of college girls supporting their sports teams.....(SEC is a college football conference in the south). So I innocently ask, believing that I would be correct, if Poon is a modern term for Porn. I had a very nice man email me the answer, and it was in a rather vague manner, so I incorrectly assumed at that point that it meant breasts. I then asked my friend Roy, who happens to live in the south and he informed me of the real meaning.....then the posters graciously answered my question on the blog with this:

1. Literally, vagina (see poontang).
2. A woman's genetalia. stems from the word "pudenda", which is actually in the dictionary.
3. Or the MAO version...."Straight up p@*sy homie." A bit crass and yet strangely hilarious.

I laughed so hard I almost wet myself...LOL. I knew that coming to Michigan for my graduate work was going to be a learning experience, I simply had no clue just how much of one it was going to be! Too funny!

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