Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday, Monday

I have accomplished so much the last few days, it is an incredible feeling. Now I am on my way to the school of dentistry (I so hate going). I am all packed to head to the west side of the state and get a few days of work in. I have staff training to do Tuesday and Wednesday night so that will be fun as well. Of course the cleaning and laundry will get done for the kids (I am taking my laundry with too). If I just didn't have to go to the dentist today, it would be a great day. I did have a conversation with my roomie (made her cry, which of course I hate doing) I think we have things planned out that we both understand what the plan is. Not exactly how I had envisioned things, but I can live with it. I should be checking in here as I will have my lap top. Hope all is well for each of you!

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ellen said...

Hope all goes well at the dentist. Not my favorite place to be either but it's nothing like the olden days so as long as he "shoots me up" - I'm fine. No pain, thanks.
Glad to hear things with the roomie are straightened out but I have to tell you that I think misunderstanding will visit you again. Different cultures, customs and language is so very interesting but it can be trying as well.