Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kidney anyone?

I spent the day with my father, jumping through the hoops of getting put on the national donor list for a kidney. I also had them take blood to see if I would be a match. It is a laproscopy surgery and only puts you down for 2 weeks at the most. If my blood is a match for his, then I would go through the entire screening process to be sure that I am healthy enough AND that I am not at risk for renal problems myself. The entire process would take months, making it next Spring, which would be good for my schedule. I am more than willing to do it for him. We were very impressed with the entire process, the staff and everyone that we came into contact with at the hospital. We had to go to different stops along the way, and each time that we stopped to look at a map, an employee walking by would stop and ask if we needed help. We never waited for anything, every test that we had to get, we arrived, gave our paper work and then his name was called. It was quite impressive.

On another note.......the roomate is moving out tomorrow. Shocked. Relieved. Slightly guilty feeling, but I do know I did the right thing.


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ellen said...

Nice to hear that everything went smoothly for you dad. That isn't something one hears very often. I love my little hospital but it can frustrate me at times.
Glad to know the roomie issue will be resolved earlier than you planned.