Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Favorite Things

How lucky are the audience members of Oprah's Favorite things show??? MY GOD! These incredible things that are Oprah's favorite things and the audience members each get every single thing! That is incredible! I would love to be one of those audience members!!! I don't watch much television and rarely watch Oprah, but it just happened to be on that channel when I flipped it on. I also watched the finale last night for the Bachelor (a show I would never be caught dead watching) but somehow I got dragged into it. He didn't pick either girl! I thought that was pretty cool. As neither of them seemed like they were good enough (in my opinion). It was slightly interesting, however I have NO plans to watch it in the future. I would, however consider getting a ticket to one of Oprah's favorite things show in the future ;o)

One of my favorite things is California Kitchen Pizza, the tomato pizza, yummy, which is what is cooking in my oven as I type this. Once I eat I will try to yank my head out of the sand and do some of this homework that is waiting for my attention. I think that is the best way to describe what I find myself doing. I bury my head in the sand out of fear. It is not conscious fear, but something that underlies waiting to trip me up. I had a vision of what my life would be like, moving to Ann Arbor and for reasons that I haven't quite figure out, I have avoided bringing this vision to fruition. I am working on being conscious of this and taking the steps to accomplish my vision. This might sound cryptic, it really isn't, it just is difficult to explain, so without me getting too philosophical that is it in a nutshell. Peace.

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