Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mark Nepo

I went to a book reading at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore tonight. Mark Nepo was the author. It was tremendous. He is inspiring to say the least. (I added his website to my Delicious list over to the left of my blog (it probably won't show up until Friday) Anyway............I need to contact my friend Paul and possible Mark as well.....I had this inspiration in regards to my research question and I think they could help me.

It was almost surreal as I sat I am at a book reading in Ann Arbor......I was smiling as I thought of this, my kids call me a hippie.......I am starting to live up to it aren't I? LOL. I loved it though, he was so incredible to listen to.

The football season has some excitement left in it with the coaches search. By all appearances it looks like it will be Les Miles who comes to Ann Arbor. We may find out early next week if this is true or not. I am not convinced, but we could do worse. As I have said before, he bleeds Maize and Blue and that is a nice quality to have in a Head Coach of Michigan Football.

I am not making great progress on my procrastination loop is in full does one exit the loop do you suppose? I really need to do that.

There is your update......not much to report really..........hoping you area all having a splendid week! Peace.

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ellen said...

Exiting the loop: both elbows up and start swinging!!!