Friday, November 09, 2007

Little AND Big

I got a treat and was able to spend time with BOTH Little and Big! (Thanks Scott for coming with!) I stocked up on LUSH, had the most fabulous lunch at Macy's. The food there was 5 Star!! Wonderful comfort food in meatloaf and mashed potatoes! YUM and this sinful dessert. We also stopped at a gourment chocolate store so I could stock up on a few pieces of chocolate. So tonight I am going to take a LUSH bath with a LUSH face mask and other wonderful LUSH products after the bath! I will have a yummy piece of chocolate, some sort of alcoholic beverage and love every second. Then, I will tell my roomate that she has to move out by December 8th. If she was home, I might consider doing that first, but she isn't, so I will do it after. But I digress, I am always so honored that Scott and Scott will take the time for me and I always enjoy spending time with them. Thanks my friends!

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Anonymous said...

Big Here.....Anytime just call. It was fun to hang out.