Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Home Sweet.......

NASTY Home! UGH!!!!!!! I think the kids planned the fact that I would be home for Thanksgiving and I swear I nearly had dry heaves cleaning the kitchen.....They think that they are doing something good by filling up the bowls and pans with water to "soak" only they have been "soaking" for so long that it is moldy water.....yeah.....GROSS!!!! Next time I am staying at my mothers! (ok, that actually might be more tortureous.....damn) Maybe I need to NOT clean when I come home.....hmmm....ok, that won't work either......College kids......this is normal right? OYE! You may remember that I wasn't feeling well and was going to go to the doctor, then yesterday I was feeling ok, so I skipped the doctor......and today, I am back to feeling poorly again. I can't quite put my finger on it, just an overall crappy feeling.....super tired. I don't get colds or the flu and when/if I do it is usually mild, so I am wondering if this isn't just a mild version of the flu. Anyway....I started the laundry, cleaned the kitchen and fixed up some dinner for the I am resting and will clean the rest of the house in the morning. (doesn't it make you nuts when I put my to do list on here....geeesshhh!!!)

At any rate.........just a quick note to let you know I arrived here safely and I should survive the filth ;o)

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ellen said...

I remember walking into the kitchen of one of the places my son lived when he was at MSU and my feet stuck to the damn floor!!! They are disgusting at that age.
I wonder if your crappy feeling could be allergies. I felt the same way last week. It wasn't a cold, it wasn't the flu - just general all-over fatigue with some burning eyes, post nasal drippy stuff. I've been blaming everything on "my body's not making estrogen anymore" but I don't think that was the cause for last week's fatigue.
Ok, up and at 'em, chica. You've got some more rooms to clean. I hope you don't have to dial 911 when you start on the bathroom.