Monday, November 19, 2007

It is Official

Lloyd Carr is retiring as the Head Coach of Michigan Football. Depending on who you talk to this is a good thing. It also is a huge loss to this program. If nothing else, the fact that he "gets" that these are simply young men playing ball for their school, is something that will truly be missed. College Football has become a business, a BIG business and it is a little sad. Now, as a Michigan Football fan, I also have good thoughts about this because it means new blood, an infusion that is a little over due. All the talk around A2 right now is about Les Miles. It is even rumored that his wife bought a house here. (that is TOTAL rumor and I have ZERO first hand information, so PLEASE do not think this is accurate) . I have mixed feelings about Miles being the next coach. I have heard about a few shady things with this guy and I would hope that they are not true. Getting Miles means we sit and wait and what is that going to do for recruiting? Not much. So, anyone's guess is as good as mine and at this point, I am willing to wait and see. (As if I have a choice in that matter!!! HA!)
Thanksgiving week, I have lots of meetings this week and lots of papers that I need to get busy on. I will be going home to see the kidlets and my parents, but it will be a short visit, as I have so much to accomplish before the end of the term. I continue to not feel 100% and will go to see the doctor tomorrow. I think that might be enough update for one day. I hope that you are all having a wonderful start to your week!! Peace.


UTfan said...

On another topic, I had a chance this afternoon before the A&M game to look at Carr's press conference that was held last Monday. I have never heard Carr before but I must say I was impressed with his demeanor and his remarks. I especially liked his comment about leaving the job with his health, family, and friends intact. I had no idea he had been at UM for 28 years total. Despite what happened this year, that is a long time and it deserves approbation from all UM supporters.

By the way, at work I frequently discuss matters Michigan with a coworker who went to MSU. He complimented me on my knowledge of Michigan. I told him that all he had to do was to read your blogs and he would know all the news coming out of Michigan that was worth knowing...:o)

Katie said...

Carr is quite the man and there is no replacing him. I am glad you could see that in his press conference!

Thank you for thinking my blog is worth reading, most days it seems to be a whine fest! I do try to entertain and inform as best I can ;o)