Friday, November 23, 2007


Today is a day to make some cash. I am writing a policy for the place I consult for (on billing, oh the joy) This of course I can do from my apartment. Today I need to get a few more pieces of information and then work on some reports that I can not do from home regarding a few other things that I am doing for them. Then, this evening I will be traveling back to A2. I made that decision this morning since I have LOTS of work to do over the weekend on homework, I want to get a start on it first thing in the morning tomorrow, rather than traveling in the morning. I didn't get the entire house clean, but then I figured that I would be here often enough in December to get it cleaned up good, I just felt super yukky (a new medical term ;o) yesterday, so I didn't push it. I will come home at lunch however and fold the laundry that I washed. If I don't it won't move from the pile in the dining room until I return, and well by then I will just have to wash it again, since they will have walked all over it and tossed in some dirty clothes for good measure (I am not a fan of smelling to determine if it is clean or dirty)

I am still not feeing great. I did start a new medication (this yukky thing started before that) and I am sure that the medication is making it worse, I won't have to take it for long, and I just need to be sure that I take it with food in my stomach BEFORE I take it, otherwise, it is major stomach pain. Even with doing that, I have an upset stomach until it passes through. Since I did confess to you all that I went back to smoking (shhhhhhhhhh) I am taking Chantix to once again quit. I can not afford it, plus it will kill me sooner, so I know I need to not drag this out and just quit. I give the Chantix a few days then go cold turkey, it takes 3 days for the nicotine to get out of the blood and the Chantix works on the brain connection. It actually does pretty well. There are 3 miserable days, but not as bad as if I was totally cold turkey. The research proves (and I disproved it) that those who quite cold turkey are more successful in the long run at quitting. Thus the cold turkey part.....which I did last time and honestly it is miserable enough that you think "I will never smoke again, because I would have to quit again and that is so fucking miserable that I can't even imagine having to do it agian......then you start graduate school and realize that is far more miserable and smoking might make it easier.....LMAO! Ok....enough about that nasty habit.....after this weekend it will be history once again. Working out also helps, so that is what I will be turning to (rather than food).

Well.....time to get beautiful and make some cash.......peace...............:o)


Little said...

St. John was passing that med out for all the smokers at work. People are having problems with it and I have a few co-workers that had to quit taking it because they were having the WORST dreams. Some crazy stuff.
Any weird dreams on your part? Maybe you'll get lucky and have the FREAKY SEX DREAMS. =)

Black Friday, 6:00 am. CRAZY!

Katie said...

I took it before and the side effects are not the most pleasant, however it does work in a way that is effective for me to actually quit the nasty habit. Wellbutrin has horrible side effects for me and does not work on the quit smoking front, so this is a better option for me.