Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yeah me!

I get to have lunch with BIg tomorrow! I am looking forward to that! Remember when I told you all that I bought tickets for the musical society performances during the student half price sale? Well, the first "show" is this Sunday. This is a dance company that appears to be interesting, and since I am lame and can't ever remember how to link things properly, I won't direct you to the website (Little, you must help me with this!) looks like it could be FUN and it looks like it could be fun as in, "this is so fucking lame, whey the hell did I spend money for the tickets and even worse, why did I dare drag along a friend??? ROFL So, Little has agreed to be my escort and we are also going to grab some dinner before the show. Lucky me, I get both Scott's, just at different times!

Andrew worked me way to easy today. I think he was trying to determine if I could keep up with him. I may LOOK like I can't keep up.......but I actually can run circles around most people. We did 30 minutes of walking (outside) and 25 minutes of rowing. I was like.....ummmmm, is that all? He was like, "wasn't that enough". Yeah. well. I was hoping for mind numbing, body aching, whip me into shape hard! So we have plans to workout again on Friday, this time he knows I can keep up with his little 19 year old ass! He is one smart kid, but he also has no self confidence. It is going to be good for him to hang out with me for a while!! So we will both benefit from this arrangement!

Ok, I think it is time for me to consider turning down the covers and climbing into bed........I am feeling a little "drained" an emotional sense. I am not sure why..........just sort of having a low moment I suppose. Not LOW low.....just a noticeable dip in my usual cheery disposition. Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure!

(PS, BIG.......I have a meeting at 9am, will be finished by me about what time you will be coming and what type of food are you hungry for?........see you soon!!)


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