Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ok, so this guy picks me up for lunch. We go to an Indian restaurant and the food was outstanding. He is a huge health nut and vegetarian so that was interesting to learn a few things from him. We then went and saw The Bucket List. Interesting movie to go to when you first meet someone as it is a real tear jerker at the end. It was hysterically funny for the duration, but the end had me just about sobbing. Luckily HE was crying too! (he even asked for a tissue!) So we came back to my apartment and sat and talked for hours. Finally I said do you want some tea or something? We started fixing tea and I remembered that a movie I had ordered from netflix should be in my mail box. He was game to watch it (13 conversations about one thing) (the one thing being happiness) It was an awesome movie, but made my brain hurt! We then talked for hours more! So after spending 12 hours together, he leaves, he gives me a hug. I said thank you for the dinner and movie, adding that I always feel a little uncomfortable that the man pays for all of that. He said "It was my pleasure and worth every cent". So here is the funny part.......I have no idea if he likes me. LMAO! Obviously he likes me enough that he spent 12 hours with me and his email to me when he got home was a thank you and that I have something very special to offer people..."Myself". ........but I don't get the feeling that he is attracted to me romantically. That would be fine with me, to make another platonic friend.......I just find it really interesting that it puzzles me. So far, the ad has made me 2 platonic male friends (both of whom are vegetarian) and if that is all that it ends up being, I am cool with that. They are both really cool people that make great friends! is a day to get all of that homework done, since I didn't do a lick of it yesterday! Monday we are off because of MLK day. So I have an extra day to the weekend so to speak as it relates to homework. However I DO have things to accomplish today, so.....onward!


PS...I have been at this apartment for 6 months now and today is the first day that I have heard my neighbors, the guy behind me is playing spanish type music VERY loud!!!!!!!! Strange that I have not heard my neighbors much before now!

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