Thursday, January 10, 2008


I can't seem to get a grip on time this week. It is going so fast, or filled with so many things to do, I can't quite decide which it is! I am having dinner with a classmate tonight, so that will be fun. Tomorrow I go for a job interview. Yes indeed, a job interview. I heard that Crazy Wisdom Bookstore was hiring, which got me so excited as it is my favorite store in all of Ann Arbor, however they needed someone that could commit to every Thursday, all day and I can not do that. So that went down the drain in a hurry. Then I heard that Sweetwaters was hiring (a local coffee shop) and so I went there, nope, no help needed. So I picked up the Ann Arbor News, not a job in site (cept for nursing jobs, and why do I want to do that????) Well, maybe because slinging coffee is a minimum wage job and nursing will get me at least $25 an hour? Yeah. So. I get an email that a University run clinic is in need of a nurse case manager for 12 hours per week. What the hell. I send my CV. They respond. I am going for an interview tomorrow. It is for prenatal girls (which obviously is not my area of expertise) but it will be something different than death and dying and it will make me more cash than if I was slinging coffee. It will not however get me out meeting people that I am interested in meeting, but that is ok. Alright, I FINALLY get to go to the dentist and get this tooth worked on. It has really been hurting the last week. I wish I had some xanax I would be taking it about now! I HATE the dentist, and even worse when I know it already hurts........oye. Peace.

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