Thursday, January 03, 2008

First Class Today!

It all begins again today! My first class is this afternoon. My second one is tomorrow morning and third and fourth will meet for the first time on Monday. At least I have a weekend in between the four classes to adjust! I don't have any of my books yet, which of course makes me very nervous. The class today is the one I don't have the syllabus for yet, so I was not even able to order that book (or books). I will go to the bookstore after that class and get them, plus a course pack for tomorrow's class. There is one book that is out of print for tomorrow's class that the prof emailed and said that we would have to go to the library to copy from the reserved pages each week. (that isn't going to happen) I need to think of what I will do about that. As always each class has a boat load of journal articles to read. I get 400 pages of copies each term so I will drop by the computer center and print off as many of them as I can today. If you remember last term, within the first month, I had used 3 black ink cartridges, 7 reams of paper AND my 400 pages from the school. I am expecting similar results for this term. So, it begins. I hope that each of you is enjoying the start of this new year! Peace.


Anonymous said...

Big about looking up the book on Barnes and Noble website. Thank goodness I am off tomorrow do alot of cleaning and getting things for Saturday.

Katie said...

Hey BIg! I am counting down the days until Saturday! Wohoooo!! When is your family coming in? Put them to work! HA! I am happy to come over and clean tomorrow if you need me to! I just have a class in the morning. Let me know!