Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 of the new year and I am still glowing from the MIchigan win yesterday. God it was sweet! However, real life is beginning to kick in, classes begin tomorrow. I still need some software and a few other errands to run today. I have myself on a "schedule" now to keep myself in check. Remember last year when I did the Zen moments? Well, I am going to be sharing similar type thoughts on occasion again. I have a daily type book that I am reading this year, each morning before meditation I read a passage from one of Mark Nepo's books called "The book of awakening". The sub title is having the life you want, by being present to the life you have. Seems fitting for me this year huh?

Today's passage described a story of a man who had been meaning to paint his living room for some time and was finally doing it, when he gathered all his supplies and was trying to get through the door, only he didn't want to put down anything to get the door open, eventually he lost his supplies and fell and paint covered him. I am a pack horse, I have a second story apartment and I will carry 10 bags of groceries in one trip, to save myself from multiple trips, so I understand this concept well. He then applies this to our lives in a very clever way. There are doors in our lives that we must open and enter, yet if we are carrying baggage of some sort, it is difficult to get through the door successfully. We must take inventory so to speak and see what it is we are carrying and put it down so that we can successfully go through the door. Sort of like my post titled inventory. It is simply time for me to put the old thinking pattern down and walk through the door to the rest of my life. Sounds so simple! That is what I am doing this year. Setting down the baggage and walking through the door. There will be many doors to walk through in the days to come! Who needs to carry all of this shit around with them anyway? I hope that you each find ways to set down your own baggage and walk through your own doors. Peace.

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