Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Give me a break!

I don't typically talk about my political beliefs here. On my space, you would see that one of my "friends" is Barak Obama. I support him for President. I think he will help to make changes that are desperately needed in our government. I am VERY against Clinton. In fact, I "joke" that if she wins, I will have to move to Canada. Obama won the Iowa Caucus, which was great. Clinton got "emotional" about losing and her hubby "got mad". (taken from news quotes) and the news media even suggested last night that those reactions are what turned the tide for Clinton in the NH caucus. Is that possible? Are people really out there voting for her for sympathy? I know she had a heckler the other day that told her to iron his shirts (I would not put it past her to have hired that heckler herself) to which she said, "I am fighting through the tallest glass ceiling there is". Here is my question. We did not like her hubby when he was the President and we REALLY did not like her when she was the first why the love now? Honest to goodness, I am afraid of what she will do to this country if she becomes the President! Getting emotional because she lost the first caucus, are you serious? I am not getting into the woman's rights issue on this, or the fact that Men and Women are very different. Obviously I am a strong, independent woman, but there is no way that I can possibly support this woman for President. Not a chance in Hell. If she wins the Democratic nomination, it will force be back to the Republican side and that is even scarier! Oye, all I can do is vote, and hope to goodness that more people think like me in the end on this issue, because she would be a travesty as President. (I am sorry if you are a supporter of Clinton, feel free to leave your comments on why you do, maybe it will help ease my mind if she wins, this is simply my own personal belief and since this is my blog, I get to write what I think....ha!)


Kath said...

I am standing in line with you, Katie. Cannot stand HRC and totally support Obama.

The race is nowhere CLOSE to being over.

I am hopeful that the more people hear about Obama, the more inclined they will be to vote for him.

Katie said...

Good to know that there are other sane people out there! Thanks!

ellen said...

I thought for sure I posted my thoughts yesterday but I don't see them - it's this damn headcold - my thoughts are obviously muddled.
Anyway, I'm leaning towards Obama myself. What really scares me, though, are the Republicans on the other side of the fence. Those are some scary dudes!

Katie said...

Yeah Ellen! I encourage you to listen to Obama some more! Kath has his victory speech up after the Iowa caucus, it is a great speech!