Friday, January 04, 2008

Welcome to day Two

I hate morning classes! At least this class only meets once a month! My plan was to workout for 60 minutes each morning. That is not working out so well. I am going to change my schedule around to work out in the afternoon/evening time. I am just not a ball of energy in the morning! So far so good though. Lots to do this weekend, although I will get a little break as I get to go to Scott and Scott's birthday P A R T Y . Woot! Ok, I need to hit the road, but first let me leave you with a thought for the day:

We could never have guessed that we are already blessed where we are ~ James Taylor

In my push to "live" my life, it is easy to forget or possibly not even recognize the good in our lives that exists at every moment. As I sit and meditate, it helps me to remember to be present to this life, to every second of it, the good moments and the bad moments. I actually learn far more from the bad moments than I do from the good moments! Being present in the here and now, this is what makes every moment a cherished moment and helps us feel blessed exactly where we are right now.



ellen said...

If I had to work out in the morning, my ass would be the size of Dallas. With the exception of Sat. mornings, my Jazzercise sessions are at 5:30p Mon., Wed., Thurs.
Do whatever you have to do so you can move - it's great for body and mind.

Anonymous said...

Big here....From past experience the first week of school is very stressful your trying to figure out what is expected or what to expect for that semester....meditate shoots give me a bag of mini peanut butter cups and a diet coke....LOL

Katie said...

Ahhh, but my ass would not appreciate the mini peanut butter cups! HA!

Today is the day! P A R T Y!!! I can't wait! See you tonight!