Sunday, January 06, 2008

New way to earn cash, or not so new...

One of my class mates told me that she sold a couple of her books on Amazon and made good money for it. I had thought I wanted to keep my books, so I never gave it a thought to sell them. I of course have a very active account on Amazon, although I have never sold anything on there. So I grabbed two books that I am fairly sure I will never open again (my research isn't even close to the concepts of these books) and I thought, let's see how easy it is. It was VERY easy! I have far more books than any person should own (unless they own a So I perused my selections and started going crazy! I listed 10 books! If they all sell it is approximately $250 buckaroos. I will take that! I think it could become an addiction...LOL. Fortunately I love my books way too much to part with very many of them. The old text books won't go though. Old books that might be out of print could bring in some great cash. I have a few of those, but I am not willing to part with them! I will likely be looking through my bookshelves over the next few days, one just never knows how much cash is just sitting there!

I have a few questions to answer for one of my classes, a little reading to do, and the stats module that I need to pass before class tomorrow night. Most of my day will be spent reviewing stats, much to my dismay, but better for me to have a clue when I arrive at class tomorrow, then be behind the eight ball for the entire two hours of class.

Other than that, Oh.....the book that is out of print.....a class mate copied the entire book, loaned it to me and I made my own copy of it. So, I won't need to worry about going to make copies at the Library each week. Thank goodness!

One last thought. The party last night was great fun. Fabulous food, the cake was to die for, (good thing I forgot to bring a piece home with me, my ass does not need more!) Scott made the perfect margarita for me, unfortunately I was driving home and could only have one! Big's brother Randy was there. I worked with Randy in the ER back home ( a long time ago!!) so it was so nice to talk to him and catch up . They worked so hard for their own party! Next time, I should have the party FOR them, then they can just show up and enjoy it! I love you guys! MUAH!


UPDATE!! I sold 3 books already! Cool beans!


Anonymous said...

Big Here....Thank you so much for coming and helping me and mom pick up afterwards. About that awesome cake, I cut it today and holy cows were do I put the pieces to much cake. Yeah we should have called you, and need a bigger kitchen.

Thank you for the present.

Katie said...

Thank you for inviting me! It was nice to laugh and enjoy the company of real people! NOW you know that I mean it when I say I will come and help, so next time........:o)