Saturday, January 12, 2008

Being Me.

Yeah. So. I have this relationship to football blogs. I read. I post comments.I love football, particularly Michigan Football, so I surmise that is why I am there. I am simply "one of the boys". Hello? Is anyone home? Girls can not be one of the boys. It is virtually impossible. Even when you think you are one of the boys, and that they appreciate having you be one of the boys, the expectation changes. Then they find out that you are not tall enough, or you are too tall, or your eyes are more blue than they wanted them to be, or some such nonsense, and now you are not only no longer one of the boys, but you are the creepy girl that they wished would go away. Men are fucking lunatics (no offense to the Scott's).

I went to Craigslist last night to see if they had any coffee slinging jobs listed and noticed the personal section. How interesting I thought. There are a few different categories, "casual encounters", "missed connections" and the typical M4W, W4M, etc. sections. Missed connections is a bunch of people who didn't have the balls to say hello to someone so they post about it here and hope that this person that they described would read it and respond. No courage. Check. The casual encounters reads like a porn site (not that I know what that reads like!) I was shocked to find that there are MANY married men who are looking for NSA (no strings attached) sex with other married women. Ok, my first issue is, IF a married woman is not pleasing her hubby in bed, what makes these guys think that a married woman is going to please them? Then of course the normal reaction of, WTF? These married men are talking about buying gifts, giving full body massages, etc to their new found lover. Hello. If you took the time to do that with your wife, you might not have issues in bed. Meh. Men really are lunatics.

I did find out something interesting in Craigslist. The meaning of 420. I kept seeing this "let's be 420 friends" and I am thinking "what the hell does that mean?". So of course I google 420 and imagine my surprise to discover an entire wiki page on 420. Cannabis users. Yeah. Marijuana. Apparently back in the 70's, some high school kids in California met at a statue at 4:20pm to get high together smoking Cannabis. Thus the 420 was born. Interesting.

Such an interesting life I lead. I am off to take out the garbage and run over to the mall. Then of course it is more reading, and homework. Peace.

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