Monday, January 28, 2008

Name Change

Ok, this is something that I have been contemplating and I need to make a decision now. You all know me as Katie. My legal name is Catherine (yes with a "C"). Now that I am doing research, writing, submitting...etc. It all goes under Catherine. I do NOT want to be called Catherine, I adore the name Katie. The "C" and "K" thing is weird though. So, I am thinking of switching Katie to Catie. That way I get to keep it, and it is not so different than Catherine.

What do you all think?

PS....the whole Crush thing is being "worked" on. Sorry for the ambiguity, I am in a continuous loop of learning.....the universe doesn't seem to take breaks from such things! New Scott is a wonderfully insightful, gentle, kind man, something I have been looking for. The trouble is, I "caught" him at the wrong time. So, it really is a matter of figuring out just what to do from this point. No matter what I decide, or what transpires, one thing I do know for sure. I will be fine :o)


Anonymous said...

Big Here....Catie is different although Catherine is good alot of history to the name.. Catherine the Great.

ellen said...

I voted no on the name change because it makes me think of Hollywood. Isn't that how that stupid Tom Cruise's wife spells her name?
Regardless, I just don't see the point.
I already have you in my head with a K - I'm too old to make changes!

Katie said...

Ok Ms. Ellen....LOL. I have to warn you though, Majority Rules!!!

Do you realize how many places I would need to change a K to a C though? On my blog alone there are about 5 places to make that change!

I am tired already, just thinking about it! HAA!!

A2saint said...

Catie, I say do it! My wife and I named my daughter Caela (she picked the name I insisted on the spelling). A little different from the typical kayla spelling. It has more of a Gaelic feel (there is no "K" in the Gaelic alphabet). Also Catholics will note that the latin word for heaven is Caeli. And that is what she is to us, a little bit of heaven on earth... Names can define us, so can spelling. Be comfortable with it and make it mean something to you! PS, love your posts on Mzone!

Catie said...

A2 SAINT - Thank you for visiting my little blog! Thank you for the vote. As you can see, I did make the switch. It still feels disconnected so I am working on a way to connect myself to the spelling. I will post about it later!

Thanks again!