Saturday, January 05, 2008


That word is like a four letter foul word to me. LOL. I have been reviewing stats all day, it has been some time since I took undergraduate stats and I won't be taking graduate level stats until Spring and Summer, nevertheless I do have a data management class this term that requires stats knowledge. Right. Yeah. So. FUCK! All three of my kids are natural math whizzes. They can sleep through calculus and get an A. I called me daughter to bribe her to come next weekend to visit me and tutor me on stats. (She was a TA for her stats prof), she is going to "see" if she can provide a little time for me. Oye! At the very least I need to go buy a stats book as a reference.

I am showered and just need to beautify myself for the Party tonight. I am very pleased that I am going to be with real live people tonight! I need that. Tomorrow the UofM's Music Department is selling their tickets for the season at half price for Students, so I am going to buy 2 (I think for the San Francisco Symphony). I just want to get out and do things, sitting in this apartment is going to make me nuts!

Ok, time to get beautified. Laters. Peace.

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