Thursday, January 03, 2008

Panic and Banks

Well, I got my funding check on Saturday and ran to the ATM and deposited it. It is all good, right? Write the checks and send in the bills! Load up on the sale items to get me through until the next funding check, sounds like a good plan. Only trouble is I get an email notice from my bank telling me I am overdrawn. WTF? I run over to the bank and they said "The check is drawn on an out of state bank, it will not be available for use by you until after January 7th." Ummm..folks, that is 10 days for a check that came from the University of Michigan and this is Ann Arbor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I was not pleased and then I began to cry (and I really hate when I do that in front of other people) she obviously did not like me crying either, as there was a huge line of people waiting for service, she didn't even offer me a tissue as I sat there sniffing it up. GRRRRR I so hate to loss my emotions!! So she released a portion of it, the rest will be held until the 7th. Fees were dropped (yeah, every time I have used my debit card since Saturday....fees, $32 a pop) And they waited until TODAY to notify me? What a lovely start to this day.......At least it was worked out. However, I WILL be going to the UofM bank and opening an account, it is so tight money wise when that funding check comes, waiting for 10 days is not going to work. Good would think that Ann Arbor would be a little more progressive!!


Little said...

Yea, been there. Mine was 32 bucks a pop plus 6 dollars a day. Easily close to 100 bucks a day until it clears. I had an entire paycheck from the hospital (3 days) go completely towards overdraft fees. I HATE that damn bank.

Katie said...

I am thankful that they cleared the fees and that my Rent check hadn't tried to clear...that would have totally bounced, then I would have been in HUGE trouble. It is all good now.....and I WILL be getting a new bank!