Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tonight was a frustrating one. Going to school at a large university has it pros and cons. Tonight you get to hear about the cons. They act like every student lives on campus. I have my appointment with my gym buddy Andrew and it was the first time that I went to this gym, and I quickly discovered that there is NOT ONE FUCKING PARKING SPACE. Not even any street parking. WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously. So I drive around, trying frantically to find some place to ditch my car so I can run to the gym and not be late for Andrew. I finally park in a "blue" lot, which requires a permit, but often those are open after 5pm (I didn't look close enough to know if this was one of them) but, oh by the way, the lot is full, cept for 8 handicap parking spots. Yep, you guessed it, I did it. I parked in the handicap spot, saying, (out loud mind you) "I am handicapped, I am fucking retarded!" Rofl. Seriously, I KNEW better than to assume that there would be parking at this location, since they provide virtually NO parking anywhere else I need to go on Campus. Shit. So Andrew was a no show, unless he only waited for me for 5 minutes. I waited for 20 minutes, but I was so freaked out about my car, that I just left. Fortunately my car was still there and no ticket. I got a parking ticket early today, since after my class the graduate student assistant asked to meet with the seminar group after class and kept us for one whole hour, as I sat there, knowing my meter had run out.......and sure as the grass is green in the summer, those Ann Arbor police people make sure that they have a pay check next week and leave me a ticket. They are extremely efficient. Fuckers.

So yes. I had a frustrating night. However, I had a wonderful start to my day when my new platonic friend and I had tea together. I guess I should name my new friend, or calling him my new platonic friend is going to start sounding weird. His name is Jim. He is super cool and extremely funny and he is buddhist! So I actually get to discuss these thoughts and ideas with someone, which is way cool. So welcome Jim to the Life as Katie crowd, I was brave enough to give him the blog address! (I made him promise to not hold any of the content against me :o)

Ok, I am going to kick back and relax for a bit.........so I can find that peace again.....damn peace, keeps walking away.........

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ellen said...

I remember parking in front of my son's dorm at MSU for a really quick errand. Yup. Got a ticket. They must hover out of sight.