Friday, January 18, 2008


Two more weeks on Chantix, then maybe I can have my sleep back! I also have worries of a financial nature. I seriously need to get a job. I balanced my checkbook and it is more serious than I had thought. I think that is one of the reason that I am wide awake at the moment. There is a good opportunity for me at the graduate school as an assistant. It would be a good opportunity. Trouble is, the application is due today, and there is quite a bit involved with that process, including an email from my advisor that it is ok for me to take such a position. Meh. I at least will try to make it happen. As it stands right now, long about March I will be out of cash. I tried to plan it better this term, but since I had to play catch up from last term, AND my funding was in essence cut this term (more in scholarship, which took less from another source which added up to be less in the long run, if that makes any sense to you all...LOL) It will work out. It has to.

Ok, that said, I need to get working on it! Peace.

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