Wednesday, January 23, 2008


To bad I didn't mean quickie in the sexual way....hee hee. Anywho....just a quick update. I worked on data analysis today. Trust me, pivot charts and I and good friends! Then I had to read through a transcript of an interview that I gave. Doesn't sound so bad huh? Yeah. Well. A sweet girl from Taiwan did the transcribing and I can almost not even understand what I said! The broken english is bad, but the translation of many of the words I spoke are not even close. Needless to say the transcription is FILLED with corrections. Oye.....8 pages down, 5 to go.

However, I am about to head out to meet Andrew for a work out. He is picking me up this time, so there will be no missed opportunity. Not exactly sure what my plans are for this evening, but I do know that it will involve some amount of pain after my time with Andrew :o)


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