Friday, January 11, 2008

Off Schedule

It is only the first full week and I have not stuck to my "schedule" once yet! This morning I am particularly running behind. Oh well. It is useful information so that I can adjust my schedule to better fit. I have an interview soon so I need to get busy, I did want to pop in here and say hey! My advisor emailed me this morning, seems there is something very pressing that she needs to discuss with me. (I can't wait to find out what that is *rolls eyes*). I hate those type of emails. If there is a problem, then say it and then we can discuss it in person, why make it sound like I am in trouble and make me feel anxious until 4pm tonight? Anyway, it is probably nothing too important, I haven't done any assignments yet (as none have been due yet). Ok, so the plate is full, this we anticipated and so far so good. I DO need the entire weekend to catch up on the readings though, so I will be a busy girl.

I do have one highlight, a Michigan friend made a DVD of the Florida vs Michigan game and that arrived in the mail yesterday. So this weekend I can relive the greatest game ever, KNOWING the outcome in this case is a bonus!

Ok, better get beautified and head to the interview, think good thoughts, this may not be the job for me, I am basically going to interview them...LOL!


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