Saturday, January 05, 2008

P A R T Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tonight is the long awaited birthday party for Scott and Scott! I am so excited! A party is always fun, but even better is the opportunity to let your friends know how special they are to you! From now until then, I will be doing reading for two of my classes and some preparation for one of my other classes. I am determined to stay on top of the work load this term so that it does not become an impossible mission. Remember that I shared that I had gotten most of my books via which is a site that locates the cheapest price on the books that people are selling. Well, at class yesterday, one of the books that we had to buy, the kids were all complaining that it cost them $185 for that ONE book. I looked, and that book is one that I paid $55 for! The book had arrived and the CD was there, unused (important to have the CD) and the book was like new, not all marked up or water damage. I got the deal of the century! Thankfully another book arrived yesterday as well. I am truly grateful that these books continue to arrive timely, and to have saved so much cash by doing it this way, I certainly will be doing it again. The trouble is that you really need to the profs to give the syllabus prior to the start of class, to give you time to order them. Ok, well that is probably way more than you cared to know about my book situation. HA!

My stomach has calmed down a bit, so I started taking the Chantix again to quit the nasty habit. I had forgotten about the nightmares that it causes. I woke up so often last night with HORRIBLE nightmares......I was being chased in one, chased by nobody, but still I was chased (does that even make sense? lol) I kept wondering what does that mean to be chased in a dream. There is some meaning to that. Then I remembered the Chantix and figured I would just need to suffer through for a few weeks. I am not a fan of night terror, but we do what we must do to get done what needs to get done.


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