Thursday, January 03, 2008

The first day always seems to suck!

So yeah. I go into my Philosophy of Science class and the prof says something about not having taught underclassmen in a while. Huh? Half the class are underclassmen. How ridiculous is that? Even more strange, one of my profs from another class and her GSI are in this class with me. That worked out well today though because I had stopped to pick up software that I thought I needed ($200!!!!) I was telling them about it and they said to take it back because I don't need it! Whew!!! Which of course I did promptly. Another course pack that I need for tomorrow, I went to 3 bookstores to find, waiting in line at each bookstore (imagine, the first day of classes on a large campus, yeah. lots. of. fun. not.) And the course packet was no where to be found. I refused to walk the 10 blocks to the next bookstore. It is TWO degrees outside! So, after all of that, I decided to take myself to dinner. I had a wonderful cup of soup and salad and TWO margaritas.....ha! Now......I think I am going to work on this bracelet that I am making for myself and kick back a little. Tomorrow is another round of great fun. The philosophy class alone is going to kill me with the reading!! I have 3 other classes besides that.....and a job to locate! Good thing I started meditating again! Peace.

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