Friday, January 18, 2008

Come and Go

Well, I was offered the job at the clinic today, and then turned it down. It is not fair for me to take the job, if I may have to leave it in a few months. (because of the research assistant position that a grant has been written for me). I did get my application in for the graduate school position. I am crossing my fingers that I will get that! If not, then I will have to hit the pavement hard to get something ASAP!

I have been talking to many different people, some that sound interesting to meet and others, not so much. I am meeting someone tomorrow. I had over 30 responses to my "ad"!! Good LORD! It is difficult, what if I cast off someone that would have been a great catch? At this point, if they are married (yes, married men have answered my ad), if they live with their parents (yes, I have had that as well) if they are 25 years old (yes, I have had that too!) and....this sounds REALLY shallow, but if they have no communication skills (or very little) or are not educated at least somewhat, they are getting tossed out. I am not one to be snobby, but I do want someone that I can talk intelligently to, so I am simply stereotyping here and saying, I want them to have some education beyond high school. Money is not an issue for me (been there done that), but the ability to pay their own bills is preferable. That takes the list of 30 down to a manageable few. But even then, how do you go about juggling them? I would be so turned off as a woman to know that the man had a date with another girl the next night! Obviously I won't tell them that, but I do at least need to MEET them in person to get a better idea if I am compatible with them! What a problem to have huh? HA!

I need to clean the apartment tonight and figure out what is on the list of homework to complete this weekend. I hope you have a great weekend! Peace.

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