Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wake up!

Good Lord I am having trouble waking up this morning. I came back to Ann Arbor late last night because I wanted to be able to get a start on things this morning, and at the rate I am moving, I may as well stayed back home and drove home this morning!

My new friend got in touch with me and we are making plans for dinner and movie type of thing on Tuesday. I am nearly giddy about the whole thing. I have not felt that way in a long time. Recently all of the men that I have been "seeing" start out as friends without much potential to be much more than that, this is starting out much differently. At the very least, he is emotionally available (which NONE of the other men in my life ever have been) Of course he is also cute, intelligent and fun, so he seems to be the package that I have been looking for! Time will tell. I am working on taking this slow.

Ok, Maybe a hot shower will get my ass in gear!

I am hoping that you all are having a wonderful weekend. I loved seeing my kids and spending time with them, it really was a breath of fresh air!


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