Monday, May 05, 2008

No Roommate yet

The roommate brought a few things over this morning, but does not plan on moving in until next weekend. I am not complaining as I get another week alone in my space. He is paying for the entire month though.

I have been working like a mad woman, I am getting so much accomplished. I will probably read through a few articles yet tonight in preparation for my paper, and just relax a bit. I should actually go for a walk. Every day from here on out is going to be FULL!! I am simply trying to keep my pace up and work out a schedule that allows me to accomplish what I need to and still have some time to relax as well.

I am feeling really good about everything. I know that the day will come that I feel some panic, and I am simply trying to position myself so that it doesn't become chaos and drama. I am meditating every morning and working at staying focused and centered. This can only help.

My father's health is not good. I am fairly concerned about him and hope that he doesn't go down hill quickly. He needs surgery to insert a box in his arm for Dialysis (the one that he has blocked up) his kidney function is down to 5%, which means he should have been on dialysis yesterday. The problem is that he is VERY short of breath when simply walking a few feet, this means that his heart probably has some blockages. The problem with that? Well, with his kidney function so low, he won't be able to have stents placed because of the dye that they use, if he can't get his heart fixed, he can't be cleared for surgery for the dialysis, no dialysis, he dies in the not too distant future. Oh, and of course, no kidney replacement either. You can see my concern. Losing my father this year would not be a good thing. Well, losing my father ever, would not be a good thing.......

That pretty much brings you up to speed on the life of Catie........I hope that you all are doing well.....enjoying spring in Michigan, (or wherever you are!) Peace.


Little said...

We inject folks all the time with no kidney function..... Though they must be scheduled for dialysis within 24 hours.

I may be getting a Prius!

Catie said...

The key being dialysis within 24 hours. He doesn't have a port for dialysis. I don't know enough about dialysis to know if they have other ways of doing that without it. There are many ways to have dialysis, but every way that I know of requires surgery. THAT is the problem!