Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back "home"

It was great to go see the old gang back home and my children. I was reminded of how "Brilliant" people think that I am. I had not heard that in a long time! (nearly a year!) It was very nice. I got some great tips and continue to build my network, remembering that I have people all over the state and even the country that I am able to draw from. It was a good visit. Now I am back into full swing back here. I feel energized to really do this right. I have a LOT to accomplish in the next few months. Doing it well, will be a boost to my confidence. That is my focus at this point.

My new roommate moves in today. I am a little nervous about it, and looking forward to the financial assistance that it will mean. I have more to accomplish today than I possibly can, but I damn sure am going to try!

I hope your weekend is going well. The sky is blue here, the air is cool, it looks to be a perfect day! Peace.

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