Friday, May 02, 2008

Going "home"

I am off this morning to head to my children's place , basically for 24 hours. I am too busy to stay much past that. My daughter graduates tonight as a nurse and tomorrow morning is her pinning. I am of course proud of her and so I am going to hang out with them and celebrate. I will return tomorrow afternoon. I am planning to stop by the hospital and the homecare office to say hey to all of my peeps. Sunday the roommate moves in. I am almost ready for him. I still have a bizillion irons in the fire and will likely feel like that for most of the summer. I am using this time to adjust my thinking. I DID learn something in my first year of doctoral school!! Thus the adjustment.

Now I need to finish getting ready and get on the road! Time is a wasting!

Oh, and I have a stalker. Nice huh? Yeah he keeps posting in missed connections with MY name (Catie) in the subject line. All about how he misses me, etc. I had ONE date with this guy. Not sure what to do about it, cept keep my eyes open. He says that he drives by my apartment a lot, etc. He actually is a very nice man, just not someone that I was interested in. Now of course, he is a very nice unstable man. Another reason heading out of town for a day isn't such a bad idea. Another reason why a male roommate could come in handy! Ok....seriously I need to go!


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