Thursday, May 29, 2008


"the paper" is due to Yale tomorrow. "the boy" and I worked on it until late last night. (How lucky am I that he is so smart??!!) Now I need to fix up a few things then I think it will be ready to send!

Today is the day that I begin the "diet". Oye. Carbo withdrawal here I come!

I am excited though, particularly since "the boy" entered the picture, I really would like to get my ass into shape.

Short update, I don't want to get too side tracked from this paper......why I spend so much time on something is beyond me, it will be good to get this off my plate, I have other homework to worry about!



Little said...

Keep some motrin near at all times. That first MediHeadache is a DOOZY!

Catie said...

So far so good. One day down, I can feel the difference in ONE day! I think it is going to be difficult with a "boyfriend" , but at the same time, he is motivation for me to keep on it as well. I am excited.......just think, by the end of summer, I could have the "real" Catie back! :o)