Friday, May 23, 2008

So close

I am so close to having this paper finished. I am so sick of it. It needs more depth, so this morning I am going to try to add a bit to it. Then it needs to go to the other authors for review. I have a class at 1pm, after which I need to do a few things and then prepare for my "date". (I also need to review school work tasks to be sure that I have them on target) I get to play a little tonight though, which will be nice.

I am a tad bit sore from working out, nothing too bad.

My daughter called and she and her boyfriend are trying to see if they can come visit for the weekend, so I am hoping that happens. I haven't mentioned it here, but my birthday is Tuesday, so I think that is the push for her to come visit to celebrate my birthday! Nice :o)

Ok.....the paper............

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