Friday, May 09, 2008


I am not getting as far on my paper as I had hoped I would be by today. I have 3 days to focus and git er done. I also have a boat load of other things to accomplish in those 3 days. FOCUS!

I meet with my personal trainer this morning and I have a class today. So after my personal training appointment I will go to the school of nursing to prepare for the class, get some work on the paper done and go to the class. After which I will head to the laundromat to do my laundry, find something to eat and work the rest of the evening on my "stuff". Saturday and Sunday will be focused attention on my "stuff" and hopefully by the end of the evening on Sunday I will feel accomplished.

Thank goodness my other class does not begin until June. (although June is going to suck big time; a stats class every single day for the month of June! Oye!

It is the behavior of a student that I am working to accomplish. This means that I need to get myself to the Library at least two days a week, I am shooting for 3 days though. It is far too easy to find other things to do when I am trying to do school work in my apartment.

That is the boring life of Catie this weekend. Little posted that he is getting a new car (a Prius) Another friend of mine just picked up a new Prius last night. He names his vehicles. I should name my little Prius, but what, I have no clue. It is probably too late anyway, I have had her for over a year. The poor thing, nameless........


Little said...

No....never too late.
Sort of like baptism. ;-)

The first thing we need to know is if it's a boy or a girl. If you don't know, just ask next time you get in. They WILL tell you. Sometimes they even tell you a bit more. (no, I don't need meds!). My parents had a Ford Aerostar that I swore was an asian female.

Catie said...

Oh, she is a girl, no doubt about that!